Recipes Created by
Marcia Frost

Marcia Frost is a freelance lifestyle writer and editor who loves to cook! Moderation is her key, so she mixes healthy recipes with comfort foods.

Breakfast Recipes
French toast, pancakes, eggs, and more.
Soups to Make
Soup can be a start to a meal or a meal in itself.

Appetizers to Create
Baked Brie is a favorite, with more to come.

Main Courses Dishes
Crockpots are my favorite because I can set it and forget it.

Desserts for a Sweet Tooth
Sometimes you want to try to keep it healthy and other times you want to really indulge your sweet tooth.

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Make it Gluten-Free
Many of my friends have problems with gluten and I love to put together recipes for them.
Vegetarian Cooking
My diet tends to be flexitarian, so I have lots of vegetarian recipes.

Put it in the Slowcooker
The crockpot is the greatest kitchen tool I have. I try to make as much as possible in mine so I don't have to worry about stirring.

I love breads and muffins, especially ones I can make in the crockpot.
Pet Treats
I have a new puppy so expect to see more recipes for Teddy!

A Few of My Favorite Things